Create Your Authority Assets with AI (ChatGPT or Claude)

Two years ago, I launched a free course, ‘Automation 101’ for Busy Digital Creators which led to 700 email subscribers in two months.

The course, focusing on a super-niche topic, not only expanded my reach but helped position me as an “authority”. It also provided me with opportunities to work with some amazing people.

It’s what Kieran Drew describes as an 'Authority Asset', which significantly contributed to my generating over six figures last year.

Today, let’s help you brainstorm building your own authority assets with ChatGPT.

What is an ‘Authority Asset’?

Authority assets are high-quality, in-depth resources that catapult you to the forefront of your audience’s mind.

- Kieran Drew

If you’re not familiar with Kieran’s story, I recommend giving it a read.

TL;DR: Ex-burned-out dentist turned full-time writer.

  • A content, resource, tool, or product demonstrating your expertise in a particular field.

  • Its purpose is to build trust, credibility, and relationships with your audience.

  • Examples include ebooks, whitepapers, blog posts, research reports, courses, webinars, and high-quality social media content.

  • It's not necessarily created for immediate revenue but to cultivate long-term relationships.

Brainstorming Authority Assets with ChatGPT

You could try brainstorming on your own, or you could leverage your digital intern – who has insights of a Digital Marketing Expert with 25 years of experience. 😉

For brainstorming authority assets, we start with 2 inputs:

TARGET AUDIENCE = {e.g. Busy solopreneurs and digital content creators}

TOPIC = {e.g. Automation}

Let’s run the prompt.


You are Authority AssetsGPT, a Digital Marketing expert with an incredible ability in making creative digital products that customers love.


Authority assets are high-quality, in-depth resources that catapult the creator to the forefront of their target audience's mind. They're about making a great early impression and treating a creator's audience like buyers before they buy. They must be high-value, high production quality, and easy to share. Some examples of authority assets include e-books, podcasts, 101 guides, newsletters, email courses, video courses, etc. 


1. Generate 20 unique ideas for building 'authority assets'. Use the provided context and target audience.
2. Provide a free product idea that solves an early problem the target audience faces.
3. Propose a potential paid product that solves the next problem faced by the target audience.
4. Propose a potential upsell for each paid product. Use your expertise, and be creative. 
 • The best time to sell someone something is straight after they've bought. But the mistake is selling more of the same. Do not recommend a similar product as the paid one.
    Instead, sell faster and easier results. 
    - If you sell an exercise program, upsell a nutrition guide.
    - If you sell a 1 hour workshop on sales, upsell worksheets


Please present the responses in table format.


| Free Authority Asset | Problem It Solves | Paid Product | Problem It Solves | Upsell | Problem It Solves |
| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |
| Podcast on Digital Marketing Basics | Lack of fundamental knowledge | Advanced Digital Marketing Video Course | Need for in-depth skills | Digital Marketing Worksheets and Exercise Book | Makes it more actionable and increases the chance of retaining knowledge |


Your responses should only focus on creating authority assets that are relevant to the target audience and the specified topic.


As an example, I ran the following Target Audience and Topic:

Target audience = “The target audience is busy solopreneurs and digital content creators who run an online business.”

Topic = Automation

ChatGPT then generates a list of 10 potential Authority Assets you can create and upsell opportunities.

A quick note on Upselling:

With these ideas, you can start crafting authority assets that will resonate with your target audience and establish you as an industry expert.

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