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  • Transforming Ideas into Impact: Create Content Outlines with Custom GPT

Transforming Ideas into Impact: Create Content Outlines with Custom GPT

AI-Powered Outlining: Streamlining Your Writing Workflow

Based on your votes last week, this post is about helping you make personalized content outlines that really reflect your voice. 👀

I’m sure you’ve tried using AI and found the results to be stiff or impersonal, not resonating with your audience.

Wouldn't it be nice to have your ideas easily flow into outlines tailored to you?

Leveraging AI for Efficient and Effective Outline Generation

What You’ll Learn ⚙️

  • Understand the importance of AI in generating outlines.

  • Use AI effectively to make personalized and relevant outlines for you.

Why an Outline Helps

  • Surfaces gaps in logic or flow.

  • Clarifies your purpose and core ideas upfront.

  • Make your writing uniquely yours, not AI-generic.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Using AI for Writing

Many creators struggle with AI-generated content that feels generic or robotic.

Getting decent outputs requires guidance from you if you want decent outputs.

Great inputs = great outputs

I’m not a fan of writing AI content and just hitting publish.

But when it comes to ideation, brainstorming, and organizing your thoughts, then AI is 👑 

The most common AI writing mistakes:

  • Ignoring the editing process

  • Not adding your personal story, writing style or expertise

  • Not setting clear limits on what you don’t want


managing your expectations…

🙅 Don’t expect perfect results

🎯 Giving AI precise instructions are key to getting the most relevant and useful output from AI tools. (I’ll share my examples below)

🧪 Remember to experiment and try different approaches

Solopreneur Alchemist

Custom GPT: Simplified Outline Creation in Seconds

I created a Custom GPT bot that crafts engaging, logical content outlines so you write faster and better content.

Ready to try it out? Click below.

Overview (How it works):

  1. Select an option. We'll go with: “Draft an outline using my writing style.”

  1. It’s going to then prompt you to include samples of your writing. Make sure to include at least two recent writing samples.

Tip: If you get stuck, just ask the bot 🙂 

  1. It will then prompt you to confirm you're OK with the style guide that it provides you.

ChatGPT needs to understand your writing patterns to generate personalized and effective outlines.

After providing it my 2 writing samples, here is what it generated for me (1):

Mike’s Style Guide

After it gives you a style guide, it asks you, “Would you like to make any changes or modifications to this style guide?”

If you want to make any adjustments, feel free to read through it and for me, it looked just fine, so I said no (2).

  1. Guiding ChatGPT and providing it context about the goals for your post

    1. Target audience: [Detailed description of the audience]

    2. Purpose: [Clear purpose of the post]

    3. Topic or idea: [Specific subject being addressed]

    4. Copywriting Framework: [Selected framework, e.g., AIDA or PAS]

Let’s say I wanted to write about: Prioritizing Tasks and Preventing Burnout for Solopreneurs

Example of my input:

Next, ChatGPT generates our entire outline 🔥 

Let’s go through it,

Here's the first screenshot, showcasing a personalized and relevant outline crafted using the PAS framework.

This introduction sets the stage with a practical solution.

Part 1: Outline Generated

Here we see how it provides prioritization strategies, offering a step-by-step guide and practical applications to avoid burnout and improve work-life balance.

Part 2: Outline Generated

Is it 100% perfect? No, of course not.

But it’s a lot better than staring at a blank page.

Try it out

Credit to Matt Giaro who was the inspiration behind today’s Custom GPT prompt which I tweaked.

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