Automate DALL-E Image Workflow with Zapier

$7K in savings from this one task...

One thing no one tells you is how much ‘unseen’ work goes into building a ‘creator biz.’

The logistics alone humbled me this past month.

Let's take a simple task like creating images or screenshots for posts.

Think about all the steps... here are a few:

  • marking up screenshots, 

  • compressing,

  • naming,

  • tagging,

  • storing,

  • searching…

All that time spent clicking, instead of creating...

I spent last month blowing up a few systems (I’ll spare you the details for a future post).

As someone who does this daily and helps others with their workflows, the irony wasn’t lost on me. Impostor syndrome was kickin’ in haaard.

DALL-E Prompt: Stressed solopreneur

But it reminded me there are no perfect systems and that building something new requires a lot of work. 

So, I found the task and lowest-hanging fruit I could fix and thought I’d share it with you. It’s practical with a huge ROI upside. 

2 things I love: practicality and data.

Let’s use Automation ROI GPT, a custom GPT that helps you calculate if a task is worth automating.

Calculating Automation ROI

Hard ROI vs Soft ROI

  • Hard ROI is quantifiable and includes:

    • Time saved

    • Enhanced productivity

    • Money saved from labor costs

  • Soft ROI, though trickier to measure, is equally important:

    • Reduced human error

    • Better well-being and decreased stress

    • Increased customer satisfaction and experience due to consistent quality service

       How is Automation ROI Calculated

Time (spent on one task) × Frequency (of performing tasks per month) × Cost (per hour) ×12 Months = Yearly ROI

Automation ROI GPT a Custom GPT that helps you calculate Hard ROI

One of the prompts included in the Custom GPT is,

“Help me figure out if a task is worth automating”.

All you need to do is provide 3 inputs (no prompting required!):

  1. Time Spent on Task

  2. Frequency

  3. Cost Per Hour (how much it cost for your or someone else to do the task)

  4. Automation Tools (Optional)

    • Note: The ROI is higher since it’s not considering that I can automate more than 1 task

These were my inputs:

  • Creating screenshots and images,

  • 20 mins a day,

  • 5x per week,

  • $100 per hour (Conservative number, keeping it simple. I hope you value your time more than $100 / hour!)

  • Zapier is $74 / month and Make is $18 / month

Total savings: $7,554 for ONE task!

Let’s help you automate expensive tasks, save you some moolah and keep your coffers filled 🤌

How It Works: DALL-E Automation 👾

(The Notion template I’ve included below includes detailed instructions)


Let me explain how 3 essential tools now handle images for me:

  1. Airtable: Stores image prompts/requirements

  2. DALL-E: Creates images from a prompt in Airtable

  3. Google Drive: Stores completed images

  4. Zapier: The ‘glue’ that connects everything.

Steps eliminated from this automation:

  1. Search for prompts.

  2. Copy and paste them

  3. Then, saving the images

  4. Uploading them to Google Drive

  5. And then, think about a name for the image.

Improved AI-Tomated Image Workflow 🕹️

DALL-E images stored in my Airtable database

Now all I have to do is type my prompt in Airtable and it triggers everything else.

That's it. 😛

Now I get my images stored in my database, ready for me whenever I want to publish.

Exhibit A 😏 

The cool thing?

It only takes about 15 minutes to set this up yourself. I made an easy-to-follow Notion template showing how to set it up.

Ready to simplify your workflow?

Additional Automation Ideas 💡

  • Publish your DALL-E images on Instagram

  • Automated image descriptions, captions, and ALT text with ChatGPT (‘cause SeO!)

  • Automate DALL-E images and create LinkedIn quote carousels for your podcast with Bannerbear (or Placid)

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