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"Stop being a Sisyphus," a coach once told me.

What she meant was that the endless cycle of pushing a metaphorical boulder (repetitive tasks) uphill isn't a destiny I have to accept.

See, every low-value task we consciously choose to do resets us back to the starting line.

For solopreneurs and content creators like us, we pride ourselves on being doers—often to the point of doing tasks that could be better automated.

But here's the deal: Automation can break that Sisyphean cycle.

So, today, let's keep that boulder firmly on top of the hill.

This tutorial is designed to not just show you an automation trick but to inspire you on what's possible—freeing you up to focus on what truly matters.

Let's get rolling. 🌀

What You'll Learn 👀

  1. How to leverage tools like Airtable, ChatGPT, and Make to automate analyzing customer feedback and meeting transcripts.

  2. Get a detailed walkthrough on setting up your automation workflow, complete with checklists to ensure nothing is missed.

  3. Understand the tangible benefits and ROI that this automated system can deliver for your business.

We all aim to create products or services that not only generate revenue but also deliver value to our customers.

Many of us diligently record our meetings for later review, with the best intentions.

But life happens, right?

You're left with two options:

  1. Sift through those recordings manually, or

  2. Procrastinate until "later" becomes "never" (we've all been there) 😰

Don't worry; the automation I’m about to share will revolutionize your approach.

If you’re a rebel and you’d like to skip the riff-raff and download the Notion template with instructions, click the buttons below!

How It Helps Your Biz 🔍

  • Gain immediate insights to make faster, smarter decisions.

  • Reclaim precious time for strategic, high-impact tasks.

  • Win proposals by addressing client pain points directly.

  • Tailor your product or services to align with real customer needs.

All for free.

“But Mike, there is software that does it for me”

Fantastic! If you've got a system that works for you, stick with it.

But consider this:

The automation I'm about to share has other applications. So keep reading; you might find a new use case you hadn't considered.

Feedback Automation 🤖

How it works

We’re using 3 tools for this automation:

  1. Airtable: The storage unit for your meeting transcripts.

  2. Make: The conductor orchestrating the automated workflow.

  3. ChatGPT: The analyst that processes your transcript to output actionable feedback and insights.

    Note: ChatGPT is integrated within the Make automation.

And if you prefer to use Notion or Sheets over Airtable, that works too.

For Zapier fans, I've got you covered with a Zapier template below.

A Quick Two-Minute Overview

Why This Works: Real ROI 💰

Time-saving is the tip of the iceberg.

The true ROI lies in making quick, informed decisions, leading to profitable products, satisfied customers, and increased revenue.

Let’s say you value your time at a conservative $100 / hour.

And you spend 1 hour every month reviewing transcripts yourself.

Using our ROI calculation you’ll save $1,200 a year…

That’s it? Doesn’t seem like much, Mike”


But, what about all those other pesky little tasks (busywork) we find ourselves doing?

All of that adds up!

Automating low-value work can save you $7,560.00!

And let's not forget—more mental bandwidth to focus on the things you actually enjoy.

Similar Automation Ideas 💡

Don’t have meetings to analyze? Here are more ideas to help you use this automation and tailor it to your preference:

  1. Content Performance Tracker: Analyze comments and engagement on your blog posts or YouTube videos to understand what content resonates with your audience.

  2. Email Campaign Analyzer: Evaluate the responses from your email marketing campaigns to continually refine your messaging and strategy.

  3. Social Media Mention Monitor: Track mentions of your brand or content on social media platforms and analyze the sentiment to get a sense of your online reputation.

  4. Client Onboarding Survey Analyzer: Automatically collect and interpret responses from new clients to optimize your onboarding process and tailor your services.

  5. Podcast Episode Feedback Analyzer: Collect feedback on individual podcast episodes to understand what topics or formats your audience prefers.

Just remember to modify the ChatGPT prompt so it provides the appropriate output

Key Takeaways 🔑

  • Automate to unlock time savings and boost profits.

  • Easily scale this system as your business grows.

  • Enjoy the flexibility to customize to your needs.

Your Next Steps 🪜

  1. Duplicate the Notion which includes step-by-step instructions

  2. Here is the Airtable template to duplicate

  3. Sign up for a Make account and import the Feedback Analyzer Make Automation blueprint. (Instructions are included in the Notion template)

  4. Zapier users: Click here to download the Zap template

Until next time,

Mike 👋

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