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How to Automate Creating LinkedIn Carousels with ChatGPT and Canva

Using your OWN content

Welcome to Hidden Levers! 🕵️‍♂️

Hey there 👋 — quick story.

Nine years ago, I launched my first biz. It flopped (story for another day).

Because I was dumb, I overworked myself and after spending hours at the computer, my wrists gave in. Now, the constant pain in my wrists is a nagging reminder of that time.

I’ve always been a bit hesitant to share this because I didn't want anyone to think I was slacking or couldn’t complete my work.

And yes, I've had to find workarounds and figure out how to leverage these constraints. One big "lever" has been automation.

It scrubs out all the dull "admin" tasks from my digital workload. This cuts down the hours I spend stuck on mundane, low-value work and provides me and my wrists more time to write or do creative work I enjoy.

And why the potential of leveraging a tool like ChatGPT to help repurpose content and create LinkedIn Carousels is exciting.

Note: We’re not offloading our creativity to AI – we’re taking existing content you’ve already created and packaging it up so it fits another format (LinkedIn Carousels).

This gives you more time to do the work you enjoy, create more content, or spend more time with loved ones.

Alright, enough from me. Let's dive in 🦾

What are LinkedIn Carousels?

Not sure what LinkedIn Carousels are? They're a way to share multiple images and/or videos in a single post. And, when done right, they can get quite a bit of traction on LinkedIn.

But here's the catch. Making LinkedIn Carousels? Eats up a lot of time.

Here's what the process might look like, design part excluded:

  1. Review the article you're planning to turn into a carousel.

  2. Figure out what to keep and what to ditch.

  3. Write headings and subheadings.

  4. Make sure not to lose context (or add too much of it).

  5. Edit and proofread.

Doing this for a 3-page carousel? Manageable.

But for a 10, 20, or 40-page carousel (yes, they exist). That's a whole different story.

Want to learn more about creating LinkedIn Carousels? A good starting point is here.

ChatGPT to the rescue

Now, imagine if all you had to do was hand an article to ChatGPT and it does all the heavy lifting of making a carousel in 3 seconds. Sounds dreamy, right?

Zapier Troubleshooting Article Transformed and Formatted as a Linkedin Carousel by ChatGPT

Note: The prompt I'm sharing is designed for educational LinkedIn Carousels. If you're looking to create a different type, you'd need to tweak the prompt a bit.

I'm working on more prompts for different styles and types of carousels. If you've got any specific requests, leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Alright, ready for the prompt?

It’s a long one so the photos are split into 2 parts:

ChatGPT Prompt – Expert LinkedIn Carousel Creator

ChatGPT Prompt – Expert LinkedIn Carousel Creator Part 2

If you’d like to modify the prompt to generate different types of content then the “EXPECTED OUTPUT STRUCTURE” is where you’d modify it.

How much time will this save? And what's the ROI?

Calculating Hard ROI

Suppose it takes you 1 hour to create a 10-page carousel and create one once a week.

Set your hourly rate at a conservative: $100/hour.

If we plug in the numbers using the ROI formula:

Time (spent on one task) x Frequency (of performing tasks per month) x Cost (per hour) x 12 Months = Yearly ROI

Yearly ROI based on time saved equals $4,800.

This is a screenshot of a spreadsheet displaying various metrics related to a task, specifically 'Creating LinkedIn Carousels - 10 Pages'. Columns in the spreadsheet include 'Task', 'Time Spent Before (minutes)', 'Frequency (per month)', 'Hourly Rate', 'Cost (per hour) Before', and 'ROI'. The task is shown to take 60 minutes, occur 4 times per month, and is paid at an hourly rate of $100. The 'Cost (per hour) Before' for this task is given as $1.67, leading to a total ROI of $4,800.00. There are four additional, empty rows in the spreadsheet, followed by a row that totals the ROI as $4,800.00

A spreadsheet tracking Hard ROI. Considering factors like time spent, frequency, and hourly rate

Now, if you're like me, then you take a lot longer than 1 hour. And, I know I'm not alone.

Now, imagine some people spending up to 6 hours per carousel! That’s $24,000 a year in savings.

And sure, the Tweet is about perfectionism. But, what if a lot of it stems from not knowing how to take what’s relevant from your content and tailor it to the goal of your LinkedIn Carousel?

Why not let your digital intern take care of it for you?

And that’s it! Let me know if you run into any trouble.

If you create a carousel, feel free to tag me!

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