Your Ultimate Solution to Email Overload

Simple solution to an organized inbox (with AI)

Is your inbox a black hole consuming all your time and sanity? I've got your back.

Let's team up with ChatGPT and defeat this time-consuming beast once and for all.

The Problem: The Unrelenting Onslaught of Emails

First, what are some common symptoms of email overload?

  • Spending too much time sorting and filing emails.

  • Losing track of important messages.

  • Feeling overwhelmed, distracted and stressed.

  • Email taking over your life and hampering "real" work.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry.

I got your back, remember?

Below is a quick rundown of how the automation works. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it — below you’ll see a button to grab the Notion template which includes video walkthroughs and tutorial.

If you already understand how it works, feel free to scroll down and click that big ‘ol button!

The 2-Step Framework: Leverage Automation to Reclaim Your Inbox

1. Create a Smart Labeling System

Set up a tailored set of labels or categories for incoming emails such as:

  • Action: Emails requiring a response or action.

  • Read: Informational emails without any required action.

  • Waiting: Emails where a response is awaited.

  • Travel: Travel-related confirmations.

  • Optional: Optional reading like newsletters.

2. Automate Categorization with AI

Manually labeling emails is still tedious. But AI can do it instantly for you.

Tools like Make allow automating workflows using AI/ChatGPT (example in the photo below).

How the automation flow works:

  • The automation triggers when a new email comes in (you can modify this)

  • ChatGPT analyzes the content to determine the suitable label.

  • The messages are automagically labeled and filed based on the AI's classification.


Don’t worry. Brian created 3 videos that will guide you and take 15 minutes, tops.

Email Management Automation Notion Template Screenshot

Ready to Conquer Your Inbox?

Click the button below to grab the template and set up your inbox automation in just 15 minutes.

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If you're thinking of starting a newsletter, I highly recommend beehiiv. I've been using it for a few months and waited a bit before recommending them — can’t say enough about them.

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