Create Your 90-Day Content Library

Use ChatGPT to generate 90 days' worth of content ideas effortlessly

AI has solved the old problem of staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write. But with this, a new challenge has emerged:

The infinite content ideas AI offer. In 3 seconds, you can create a content calendar for the next 2 years…

The problem: how do you prioritize and choose the RIGHT topics to write about?

How do you ensure your content drives impact, positions you as an authority, and stands out from the crowd—without spending countless hours creating and repurposing content?

While timely writers chase fireworks, timeless writers build constellations.

Timeless content doesn’t always go viral in the moment. But it maintains its value much, much longer into the future.

Instead of chasing viral hits, focus on building a timeless content library that consistently attracts and engages your target audience.

That's where the 90-Day Content Library System comes in.

The framework I’m sharing was created by Josh Spector of "For The Interested," has helped him publish over 1,000 pieces in 6 years, attract more than 40,000 email subscribers, and build a thriving six-figure business.

By leveraging AI and the 90-Day Content Library System, you can:

  • Generate a virtually endless supply of content ideas tailored to your niche

  • Prioritize topics that establish your authority and expertise

  • Create timeless, evergreen content that continues to drive results long after publishing

Who Needs This?

If you're a creator, consultant, or service-based business owner who wants to:

  • Consistently provide value to your audience

  • Save time and energy on content creation

  • Align your content with your audience's goals

  • Build authority in your niche

Then the 90-Day Content Library System is perfect for you.

How Josh Spector's 90-Day Content Library System Works

Before we dive into how you can leverage AI to streamline the process, let's take a quick look at how Josh Spector's 90-Day Content System works:

  1. Choose a specific audience and identify a goal you want to help them achieve.

  2. Brainstorm a list of 30 tasks or topics that your audience needs to complete or understand to reach their goal.

  3. For each of the 30 tasks or topics, create three types of content:

    • How-to content that provides step-by-step instructions and tips

    • Why-to content that explains the importance and benefits of the task

    • Examples and case studies that showcase real-life success stories and provide inspiration

  4. Publish one piece of content per day for 90 days, cycling through the three types of content for each task or topic.

  5. After 90 days, reshare and repurpose the content, updating and expanding as needed.

Now that you understand the basics, let's dive into how you can use AI to streamline, prioritize and build a timeless content library.

Step 1: Provide Specific Audience and Goal Information

After you paste the prompt, you’ll be asked 2 questions:

Tip: To get the most relevant and valuable results from AI, you need to provide specific details about your target audience and the goal (desired outcome).

For example:

On the left, I used

  • Audience = Digital creators

  • Goal = They want to learn design so they can learn how to explain their ideas "visually"

The resulting tasks are somewhat relevant but lack depth and clarity.

On the right, I used:

  • Audience = Coaches/Consultants or Service-Based Business Owners

  • Goal = To create engaging social media visuals that showcase their expertise and attract dream clients, and grow social media following from 0 to 10,000 within 6 months.

The resulting tasks are more actionable, focused, and tailored to the audience's needs.

Tip: Pick a specific goal that is relevant to the majority of your target audience. This goal should be broad enough to appeal to a wide range of people within your audience but specific enough to provide clear direction and value.

Step 2: Run the 90-Day Content Library Mega-Prompt

Copy and paste the following prompt into your AI tool of choice (I'm using Claude 3 in this example):

ROLE: You are an expert in content marketing and creating creative content marketing systems.

GOAL: Your task is to create a 90-Day Content Library System and be a user's brainstorming partner. This system is designed to create a recyclable content library targeting a specific audience's needs.

CONTEXT: The process involves understanding the audience and generating a list of 30 tasks to reach their goals, followed by creating three pieces of content for each task - a 'how-to' guide, a 'why' explainer, and a case study.


1. Begin by asking the user who their target audience is and what goal they would like to help them achieve.

2. Once the user provides the target audience and the goal, use your expertise and knowledge to list 30 specific tasks that the target audience needs to do to achieve the identified goal.

3. After listing the 30 tasks, ask the user for feedback. If they're satisfied, proceed to the next step in the checklist (create 'how-to', 'why', and case study content for each task).

4. Ask the user for their preferred approach for the remaining steps. There are two options:

- The Detailed Approach, which involves providing detailed outlines for each piece of content.

- The Type and Title Approach, where you only output the type of content and its title. Follow the user's chosen approach for all subsequent steps.


If the target audience is busy solopreneurs and their goal is to Systemize their content production, some tasks might include:

1. Identify your content pillars and key themes.

2. Understand your audience's needs and content preferences.

3. Define the types of content to produce (blog posts, social media updates, videos, etc.).

For each task, you MUST provide:

- 'How-To' Content: 'How to Identify Your Content Pillars and Key Themes'

- 'Why' Content: 'Why Identifying Your Content Pillars and Key Themes is Crucial'

- Case Study Content: 'How ABC Digital Creator Successfully Identified Their Content Pillars and Key Themes'

For the Detailed Approach, include detailed outlines for each piece of content.

For the Type and Title Approach, only output the type of content and its title.


1. Output the first 10 Tasks for the approach chooses (Detailed or Type and Title)

2. Prompt the user if it's OK to continue with the next 10 and repeat the same until you've finished all 30.


1. The content creation process must cover a period of 90 days, with each day dedicated to a specific piece of content.

2. Each of the 30 tasks should have three corresponding pieces of content: a 'how-to' guide, a 'why' explainer, and a case study.

3. All content should be directly related to the specific audience and their goal.

4. Do NOT skip any tasks or output you provide for any reason.

5. Don't use jargon.

6. No fluffy or flowery language


The output will be in Markdown format.

The AI will guide you through the process, asking for your target audience and desired goal. It will then generate a list of 30 tasks tailored to your audience's needs.

You'll have the option to choose between a "Detailed Approach" (which includes an outline for each task) or a "Type and Title Approach" (without an outline, only the tasks).

The AI will output the first 10 tasks and ask if you'd like to continue with the next 10.

Feel free to prompt AI to make edits or adjustments such as:

  • "Make it more about [TOPIC]…"

  • "Don't include infographics or hashtags…"

  • "The Tools of Choice is [Insert your tool of choice]…"


Once you're satisfied with the list of 30 tasks, you'll have a solid foundation for your 90-Day Content Library.

Step 3: Create Your Content

With your list of 30 tasks in hand, it's time to start creating your content. For each task, you'll develop three types of content:

  • How-to content

  • Why-to content

  • Examples and case studies

By the end of this process, you'll have 90 pieces of timeless, valuable content ideas and have a clear blueprint on what content to prioritize and create.

Bonus: Turn Tasks into Engaging Social Media Posts

If you can't write a complete post every day or want to test a few ideas first, in the same chat window, AFTER the 90 tasks are completed, use the following prompt to turn your list of tasks into specific questions you can answer and share on social media:

Turn the list of 30 Tasks and create a 30 day content calendar.

I want you to act as my target audience. And for each Task ask a relevant question that's going through their mind so I can create a social post and answer that 1 specific question and deliver quick value.

For example, if a Task is "Outline Your Automation", a question going through someone's mind could be be: "What is the first step in outlining an automation strategy for my business?".

Prioritize questions that would help them reach the Goal I mentioned earlier and deliver the most value to my audience.

Format the calendar as a table with the columns: Day, Task, Question

Each task

You’ll then get a list of 30 questions your audience has on their mind. Use them to create shorter social posts. Aim to answer one per day so can continue building trust and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

Wrapping Up

The 90-Day Content Library System and prompt will help serious creators:

  • Build authority

  • Prioritize content that delivers results

  • Stay consistent (without spending hours creating content)

By leveraging this framework and the prompts shared in this post, you’ve got an relevant content ideas for your audience so you can create timeless profit-generating content.

If you have any questions or want to share your success stories, feel free to reach out to me via email or leave a comment below.

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